Here are all commands currently available for GofvenX

* - Optional
\ - Default prefix, can be changed
⭐ - Premium only feature
▼ - Ratelimited

Feature Command Group
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sfw tags [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
⭐ sfw artist <artist> [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
▼ Returns random SFW manga art from library image
ecchi tags [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
⭐ ecchi artist <artist> [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
▼ Returns random questionable manga art from library image
nsfw tags [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
▼ Returns a random NSFW manga art from external library image
meme ▼ Returns random meme image
bm rand <library> Returns random image from your bookmark collection image
lib <address> <library> Returns random image from an address image
source [Image_ID]* Returns the source the latest image that GofvenX posted source
⭐ artist [Image_ID]*
⭐ artist [artist_name]*
Returns detailed source information about an artist registered in GofvenX source
deepsearch [Link or Upload]* Finds the source of an image in the chat source
store Opens the store store
buy <item> Buy an item from the store store
inv View your inventory store
equip (bookmark OR image) <item> Equip an item in your inventory store
stats Shows your stats user
vote Vote for GofvenX user
prefix <New Prefix>
@GofvenX prefix <New Prefix>
Change your guild prefix administrator
pref Change your guild preferences administrator
switch <preference>
Change your guild preferences (Outdated, Please use the pref command instead) administrator
bm add <Image_ID>
⭐ bm add <Image_ID> [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
Add an image to your library bookmarks
bm addcache
⭐ bm addcache [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
Add the latest image posted from GofvenX to your library bookmarks
bm deltag <Image_ID> [tag1, tag2, ..., tagN]
bm delimg <Image_ID>
bm dellib <Library>
Removes items from your library bookmarks
⭐ bm rename <Old Name, New Name> Renames a library bookmarks
bm list [Page] [Lib1, Lib2, ..., LibN] Shows all your Bookmarks bookmarks
bm libs [Page] Shows all your Libraries bookmarks
bm stats [Library] Show library Statistics bookmarks
libstats <Address> [Library] Show library stats from a public Address bookmarks
bm show [Image_ID] Show Image and the Libraries its inside bookmarks
⭐ bm pref library_name Changes preferred library when adding bookmarks without specifying tags bookmarks
bm link <Address Name> Create a Library Address to let people access your Published Libraries bookmarks
bm unlink Remove your Library Address bookmarks
bm publish [Lib1, Lib2, ..., LibN] Publish a Library to your Library Address bookmarks
bm private [Lib1, Lib2, ..., LibN] Set your Library to private bookmarks