Basic commands

- Default help command
- Default voting command

- Sends a random sfw image
\sfw kemonomimi
- Sends a random kemonomimi "animal girl" image (alias: kemo, kemono)
\sfw kitsunemimi
- Sends a random kitsunemimi "fox girl" image (alias: kitsu, kitsune)
\sfw nekomimi
- Sends a random nekomimi "cat girl" image (alias: neko)

- Sends source of the latest image sent in current channel by the bot (\sfw only)
- Sends some crappy memes

\bm [imageID] [customName]
- Bookmarks the image and saves it to your own library
\bm list [pageNumber]
- Lists all your saved bookmarks
\bm del [imageID]
- Deletes a bookmark from your library
\sfw [imageID]
- Shows an sfw image with given imageID

Special commands

\sfw tags tag1, tag2, ..., tag(n)
- Sends a random sfw image with the current tags
\source imageID
- Gets source from imageID (found above every sfw pic)