For quite a long time, there have been a lack of bots delivering quality cute sfw anime pics. GofvenX is here to bring back former glory of quality back into discord!

GofvenX is a bot whose only purpose is to send cute sfw anime pics to other discord servers! The idea came from the lack of discord bots that were able to send good quality sfw anime pics consistently. Most of the current bots tends to take random pictures from random sources and call it a day, which could easily lead to lack of good images.

This bot solves this problem by utilizing GofvenAPI, which has a library with 1000+ cute sfw anime pics listed, all of which is carefully selected by Gofven, to fit his high standards. Best of all, each of the listed images do include sources directly to the artist themselves. The reason GofvenX includes sources is because artistic work should be treated with care, it shouldn't be treated as a normal low-effort meme or a cute picture of an animal, which if I'm gonna be honest takes little to no effort to create whatsoever. This is the reason why GofvenX was made.

GofvenX is currently free for the public, and with no vote commands, however this bot is not at it's final stage, so don't expect these features not to be added in the future, due to the large cost of having high-res images sent with no compromises. Get GofvenX for your server!